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Feel Like Dancin'
4th Annual Dance Recital

Saturday, May 18th at Columbia Central HS

Recital Ticket Sale ends Thursday, May 16th at MidNight

Tickets are $14 each (Plus service charges)  Children 3 and under who can sit on a family member's lap during the show do not need to purchase a ticket.  Anyone needing an individual seat will need a ticket.  Tickets are reserved seating, first come first serve, and are non-refundable.

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Show A @ 11am

Mon/Wed CD 1, Mon CD2, Wed KC 1, Wed KC 2, Wed Kids Hip Hop, Mon Preteen Classes, Sparkle Squad Competition Teams, Production, Pointe

Show B @ 2pm

Tus CD 1, Tues CD2, Tues KC1, Tues KC2, Tues Kids Hip Hop, Tues Pom, Tues Teen Classes, Rosette Competition Teams, Rose Buds Competition Teams, Production, Pointe

Show C @ 5pm

Thurs CD1, Rose Bud Competition Teams, Sparkle Squad Competition Teams, Rosette Competition Teams, Pointe

Dancer's Recital Makeup & Hair :

Required Makeup

For Stage:

Brown eye shadow 



Bright red lipstick

With the bright lights onstage - performers wear makeup so the audience can see their faces and facial expressions, which would get washed out otherwise.  

Recital Hair:

All dancers are required to wear their hair in a neat bun.  Flyaways and bangs must be sprayed back neatly.  Classes have required hairpeices that are listed below.

Dancer's Costume Requirements

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