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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Miss Savanna attended "Dance Teacher Development Day" at the Brighton Dance Festival! She attended workshop classes in teaching youth dancers, leadership coaching, full body engagement, developing a teaching philosophy, social media, training assistants into new teachers, and nutrition for dancers/Dance teachers.

"It was a super inspiring day! I learned a lot of new skills/techniques - I also learned a lot about myself and what makes me so passionate about teaching dance! I made connections with many other inspiring dance teachers from all around Michigan. I cannot wait to teach these new skills/techniques I learned this weekend to my students, assistants, and teachers at Savanna Rose Dance Studio!" - Miss Savanna Spindelman (Owner of Savanna Rose Dance Studio)

Dance teachers Miss Ashlee & Miss Rachel did a fabulous job at Miss Jackson Crossroads! We are so proud of them for being such wonderful role models in our community!

Congratulations to former dancer, Katie Powell - She was Crowned 2022 Miss Jackson Crossroads! Katie will be competing for Miss Michigan!


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