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Recital Information!

Please be sure to read through this carefully, as it contains a lot of important information about the recital and end-of-the-season happenings.  


Hi Studio Families, 


This is our final newsletter of the dance season.  We are excited for the BIG DAY on Saturday!  All our dancers did a wonderful job at the dress rehearsal! We are all so proud of each and every dancer! 


We are having classes right up until the dance recital.  Dance classes will run through May 19th.  This week students will be working on their dances and preparing for the annual recital.  Students will also be learning the Finale Routine, which all students will be participating in at the conclusion of each recital show. 


A reminder that our Recital is Saturday, May 21st at Columbia Central High School.  If you have any questions, you can talk to the studio secretary or send an email to  For our first-time parents, we realize this is new to you and we're here to help you. 


May Tuition: Was due by May 10th
Please be sure all accounts are paid up to date before the end of the season.  If accounts are not paid up -  your dancer will not be eligible to perform in the recital.  



Recital Tickets

Online ticket sales end on Friday, May 20th at Midnight

SHOWS A & B are Very Close to Selling Out!!


Ticket prices are $12 and there will be a $1.65 service charge per ticket to handle processing and credit card fees. This will make it more convenient for parents to purchase tickets online without having to come into the studio and stand in lines to purchase tickets. We do reserved seating for our recitals, so make sure you know how many family and friends will be attending the recital, so you can purchase all your tickets together. Family and friends can also purchase their own tickets directly from the same link that will be sent out and posted on our website. Children 3 and under who can sit on a family member's lap do not need to purchase a ticket.  TICKET LINK


The tickets will be sold separately for each show - Please note which show your dancer will be in.  Purchase your tickets early to get your desired number of seats together. Online ticket sales will end on May 20th at midnight. Tickets will also be available the day of the recital if shows don't sell out for the cost of $14.00.  You can also go directly to our website to find the links to purchase tickets.  There are no refunds for tickets.  


 If you have any questions or concerns about ticket sales, please talk to our secretary or email us at and we'll work at resolving any issues or concerns.  



Recital Info

Students need to check in 30 minutes prior to the start of their recital show in their 1st costume.  We will be having a Finale at the end of each recital show. Students will learn the routine during their regular class time during the last week of class. ALL DANCERS will participate in the Finale in their dance costume.  


Our recital will be at Columbia Central High School located at 11775 Hewitt Road in Brooklyn, which has a beautiful auditorium and lobby area.  All students will participate in the recital. It’s a great event, which showcases how much all the students have learned this past year.  All recital shows will be on Saturday, May 21st. Students will only perform in one recital show, with the exception of our competition teams.  We will have 3 shows on that date with recital times for Show A at 11am, Show B at 2 p.m., and The Competition Team Showcase at 5 p.m. See the listing below for which classes dance in which recital shows.    


Show A at 11AM: For non-competitive students who have classes on Tuesday & Thursday (Except for Thursday Mommy & Me class).  And Purple, Orange, and Yellow Competition Teams (Including their solos/duos/trios) and Production Performance


Show B at 2PM: For non-competitive students who have classes on Monday & Wednesday. AND Mommy & Me.  And Blue & Pink Competition Teams (Including their solos/duos/trios) and Production Performance


Competition Showcase at 5PM: For All Competition Team Dancers (Including their solos/duos/trios) 


Recital Procedures:

When you arrive to the recital, all dancers will need to check-in at the front table.  Dancers who are in Mommy & Me, Creative Dance 1, and Creative Dance 2 will sit with families in the audience after checking in.  During the show, they will be called up 1 dance before their routine to get into places, and then released back with their family after their routine.  

All other dancers will find their dressing room after checking in.  Parents can help dancers find their dressing room and help them get set up. 15 minutes before the show, parents will be asked to find their seats in the auditorium to watch the show.  All students except for Mommy & Me, Creative Dance 1, Creative Dance 2, and Kids Combo 1* will stay backstage the whole time during the show. 


*Special for Kids Combo 1 Students: Kids Combo 1 dancers will begin the show BACKSTAGE.  After their 2 performances, there will be a pause in the show for the Kids Combo 1 dancers to join their families in the audience to watch the remainder of the show until they are called back up for the finale routine.  

At The End Of Each Show:

At the end of the finale routine the curtains will close and dancers in Mommy & Me, Creative Dance 1, Creative Dance 2, Kids Combo 1, and Kids Combo 2 will sit on the front of the stage for 1 parent to pick them up after the show.  All other students will meet their families in the cafeteria after the show.  


Dressing Room Assignments: 

Show A:

Stage Right Dressing Room: Purple, Orange, and 6 Yellow Competition Team members

Stage Left Dressing Room: Tuesday Teen and Preteen dancers & 5 Yellow Competition Team members 

General Dressing Room: All other students.  Kids Combo 1 & 2 students will need to put their shoes and skirts they change into in the general dressing room.   


Show B:

Stage Right Dressing Room: Monday non-competition dancers who have to change costumes.  (Competition team dancers will be asked to push their equipment aside during show B since they are only in production)

Stage Left Dressing Room: Blue and Pink competition teams

General Dressing Room: All other students.  Kids Combo 1 & 2 students will need to put their shoes and skirts they change into in the general dressing room.  


Show C:

Stage Right Dressing Room: Purple & Orange Competition Teams

Stage Left Dressing Room: Blue & Pink competition teams

General Dressing Room: Yellow Competition Team

(Competition students - please put your dream duffel bags outside the door to the dressing room)


If dancers need a parent to help them change - the dancer can meet the parent in the cafeteria and they can change in the cafeteria bathrooms.  Only dancers and designated staff will be allowed backstage and in the surrounding hallways during the show.  All doors except for the main front doors will be shut and locked at all times during the day of the recital.  


For dancers staying backstage - there will be more than enough staff helping backstage to help the dancers change, tie/buckle shoes, and help get the dancers ready to rock it on stage.  There are bathrooms in the 2 main dressing rooms for all female dancers to use.  


 Recital DVD Sales

We will be having "Memories in Potion Productions" record our recital shows.  Here is the link to purchase a recital DVD or digital download of the show.  Please note that each recital show will have a separate DVD or digital download. (Please be sure to purchase the correct show that your child is dancing in)  

DVDs are $25 per show, Digital Downloads are $20 per show - with specials if you bundle multiple shows, or if you want both a DVD and digital download.  All the info is on the website:


No Cell Phones, photo, or video cameras are allowed in the auditorium during recital performances. It is very difficult to watch the recital when parents are getting up from their seats and approaching the stage to take videos or pictures. It is a much more pleasant and professional recital without such distractions. It is distracting to the dancers on stage, and disrespectful to our professional videographer. Your cooperation is appreciated for a great recital experience for all our audience members.


Recital T-Shirts, Memory Books, and Pins/Medallions

To be picked up after your dancer's recital show

At picture day we collected $40 for each student's Recital fee.  By paying this fee your student is able to perform on stage, and they will receive a recital t-shirt, a full-color recital memory book, and programs at the show.  These bags can be picked up at the end of your dancer's recital show in the cafeteria.  (Competition students will pick up their bags backstage after the 5 pm Show)

At the conclusion of your dancer's recital show, we will have bags with students' names on them for parents to pick up.  The bags will have their t-shirt, memory book, medallion (for 1st-year students) and recital pin (for all students to add to their medallion), and some other fun little surprises from Miss Savanna.  



Concessions with proceeds going to the Savanna Rose Dance Studio Competition Teams will be available before and after shows A and B, and before Show C.  Concessions are CASH ONLY!


Studio Spotlight:

For our FINAL newsletter of the season, we would like to spotlight some amazing graduating seniors! 

Congratulations to Heaven Woodard, Normajean Haskell, Bekah Hays, Kenzie Fall-Jimenez, Gracie Hudson, and Audrey Ousley on their High School Graduation! 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

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